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Baotianman Scenic Spots in Neixing county was selected for the Annual Growing tourism Destination

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    The 1st “China Green Times” Aannual Conference and 2017 Forum on Forest Oxygen Bar,organized by State Forestry Bureau, was held the other day. A list of “2017 Growing China Forest Tourism Destination”was released in the conference. Among the 16 selected Scenic spots, Baotianman Scenic Spot in Neixing county was the sole honored spot in Henan provnce. Renowned for covering virgin forests and numerous wildlife and honored as “Treasury of Natural Spaces” and “Green pearl of Central Plains”, Baotianman is the national AAAA Scenic Spot and the distribution center of biodiversity in Hean province. With rich forest vegetation, concentration of negative oxygen ions and clean air, Baotianman has become a famous forest tourism attraction and “oxygen bar” suitable for experience, health care and tourism, and successfully listed the “2017 Growing China Forest Tourism Destination”.

    Baotianman will Use the privilege as an opportunity to create a National AAAA Scenic Spot as soon as possible, and comprehensively improve the infrastructure construction to increase the supply capacity and social influence of the spot on the base of rich resources, promoting the prosperous development of forest tourism.

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