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Funiushan Global Geopark Participated in the First Training Tour Camp

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 From May 26 to 30, China Paleontological Fossils Conservation Foundation, Yuntaishan Tourism Development co,LTD in Jiaozuo City, and Dr.Wei Study Tour Research Studio of China Map Publishing House jointly organized the First Training Tour Camp on Geological Heritages in Jiaozuo city. Funiushan Global Geopark Administration Bureau in Nanyang city, the Management Office of Luanchuan County and the Management Office of Luanchuan County each assigned one representative to attend the training.

       During the training, 30 participants from all over the country listened to the reports by Weidongying, deputy director of Geographical and Sustainable Developement Education Centre of Beijing Normal University and vice professor of Geographical Science Section, Liu Shuchen, deputy curator of China Geological Museum, Professor Theresa Coble from University of Missouri in America, Guo Xiaoli, Sectary of the Party Committee of Yuntaishan Scenic Spot Administration Bureau, Huang Xinyan, vice president of China Paleontological Fossils conservation Foundation, Li Zonglu, a special-grade teacher from Beijing No.8 Middle School, and Wang Zhen, deputy director of the Content Office of Tencent. Through the training, the participants acquired knowledge of the concept, the current situation, the policies and the development trend of training tour, and understood better about the development and formulation of training tour.

       From May 28 to the morning of May 30, participants separately investigated at Hongshixia Canyon Scenic Spot, Baijiayan Rock Scenic Spot, Wanshansi Temple Scenic Spot and Geological Museums. Combing with what they learned from the lectures, they made it practiced by interpreting the scenic spots and museum.

       On May 28, in groups, participants shared their learning and communication results in the evening tea forums. On the first day of the training, each group fixed their research fields and needs, then the group leaders integrated and shared materials. By group discussion, solutions were made and put into practice.

       On May 30, president of China Paleontological Fossils Conservation Foundation, Tao Qingfa, and director of Yuntaishan Mountain Scenic Spot Administration Bureau gave fascinating speeches to the participants, introducing the construction and development of global geoparks as well as the re-flourish of Yuntaishan spot, arousing enthusiastic discussion and contemplation among the participants.

       On the completing ceremony, vice professor Wei Dongying concluded the training and explained the results of questionnaires about participants’ needs, the interpretation of Yuntaishan Geopark, and so on, in which the training evaluation questionnaire showed that all the learners chose “excellent” for professional knowledge and training experience of the trainers. Furthermore, all the learners thought the training would benefit their work. And 93.33% learners emphasized the new knowledge they acquired from the training, showing a high satisfaction of the training.

       President Tao Qingfa thanked the guest speakers and learners and awarded course-completion of certificates, Marking the successful completion fo the 5-day First Training Tour.

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