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Laojun Mountain and Jiguandong Scenic Spot of Funiu Mountain World Geological Park won the “Central Plains Tourism Brand Influence Award”

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From December 22nd to 23rd, the 4th Central Plains Traveling Grand Summit in 2018 and the “Tourism into the New Era” Summit Forum were held in Xuchang, Henan. At the meeting, Laojunshan Scenic Area and Jiguandong Scenic Spot of Funiu Mountain World Geological Park were awarded “2018 Central Plains Tourism Brand Influence Award”

The summit was hosted by the Central Plains Traveling Big Mac Alliance. It was jointly organized by Dahe Client, Zhongyuan Business Card, Ai Information, Yongan International Travel and other mainstream tourism news media. It is a grand gather of the Central Plains tourism industry leaders, from Henan and surrounding provinces and cities. More than 300 people from departments, tourist attractions, tourist hotels, travel agencies, tourism commodities companies, tourism news media and other related units attended the meeting.

According to the relevant person in charge of Laojun Mountain Scenic Area, after attending the summit, the participants shared and discussed the new era of tourism and the new stage of integration of tourism and tourism, and comprehensively understood the new environment and new environment facing the tourism industry in the Central Plains. Opportunities, new challenges, new models, new ideas and new ideas for cultural tourism have a good guiding significance for the future development of Laojun Mountain Scenic Area.

It is also known that at this meeting, Chongdugou Scenic Area won the "2018 Central Plains Tourist Destination"

Popularity Awards, Longwan Bay National Forest Park and Tianhe Grand Canyon Tourist Resort were awarded the “2018 Central Plains Tourism Market Innovation Award”.

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