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Qingming Holiday Nanyang City Tourism Comprehensive Income 655 million yuan

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This year's Ching Ming Festival holiday, after the rain and sunny, Nanyang tourism market is still prosperous and stable. During the three-day holiday, the city received a total of 1,252,600 tourists, achieving a comprehensive tourism income of 655 million yuan, an increase of 29% and 30% respectively. There were no tourism safety incidents and tourist complaints in the city.

During the holidays, special scenic spots such as red tourism, blessing tourism, and flower festivals launched by the scenic spots for the Ching Ming Festival have become hot spots. Visitors to the Tongbai Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Zhenping Peng Xuefeng Memorial Hall and other red scenic spots worshipped the revolutionary martyrs and received patriotic education. The Magnolia Flower Festival launched in Nanzhao County, the 10,000-acre cherry blossom in Majing Town of Luanchuan County, and the Wanmu Flower Sea Tourism Festival in Fangcheng County will attract a large number of tourists to enjoy the flowers. Tourists often take short-distance self-driving tours on a family basis, which has led to the development of leisure tourism projects such as surrounding rural tours, ecological tours, and picking tours. Self-driving tourists receiving family-based services in the three-day holiday of each district and county accounted for about 75% of the total number of visitors.

Affected by the free high-speed of the Ching Ming Festival and various tourism promotion conferences conducted in Nanyang City, the number of foreign tourists has increased significantly compared with previous years. All counties and districts have set up obvious scenic road signs at the expressway intersection and dispatched special personnel to be responsible for tourism consultation and service reception, which played a very good service and guiding role.

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