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Fangcheng County Land and Resources Bureau carried out geological park science knowledge and geological disaster prevention and control activities

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On March 8th, Fangcheng County Land and Resources Bureau organized nearly 100 volunteers from the whole country to come to the 72nd Lake Scenic Spot in Funiu Mountain, to carry out scientific and technological activities on geological park science and geological disaster prevention and control, and contribute their own strength to the creation work.

In the Seventy-Twenty-Tiantan Scenic Area, the volunteers who participated in the activity picked up the roadside beverage bottles, plastic bags, peels, paper scraps and other garbage, and distributed the geological park leaflets and geological disaster prevention brochures to the tourists and nearby villagers. And other information, to promote the importance of the establishment and development of the provincial-level geological park in Funiu, Shandong Province, and to explain the geological knowledge of science in conjunction with the tourism route, so that tourists and local residents can better understand their hometown and let them participate in the creation work. The formation of the Funao Shandong Provincial Geological Park has created a good atmosphere for you, adding to the creation work.

The establishment of the provincial-level geological park of Funiu Mountain in Fangcheng County has entered a critical period. At present, all tasks have been fully launched and entered the stage of tackling the hard work. We will strive to complete the declaration work in the first half of this year, and officially start the creation work in the second half of the year to let Fangcheng The common people fully appreciate the economic, social, cultural, ecological and other "butterfly effects" brought about by the creation of geoparks, and earnestly benefit the people and bring tangible benefits to the people's livelihood.

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