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Qinling Zhongnanshan UGGp visited Funiushan UGGp for communication and cooperation

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From May 28 to 31, Qinling Zhongnanshan UGGp visited Funiushan UGGp to strengthen exchanges and promote cooperation.



Director Qin Dapeng (right) of Funiushan UGGp Administraion accompanied Deputy General Manager Wu Xiaopeng (left) to investigate the Dinosaur Relics Park


A 5-member delegation led by Wu Xiaopeng, deputy general manager of Qinling Zhongnanshan Tourism Development Company, made an on-the-scene investigation to scenic spots such as Dinosaur Relics Park, Laojieling, Jiguan Cave and Laojun shan Mountain. The two sides combined the development, construction and conservation of geoparks, scientific research and popularization, geo-tourism development with the creation of 5A-level scenic spots, and carried out in-depth communication.


图片2.png The delegation is investigating the scientific expedition route


This exchange visit has played a positive role in strengthening the exchanges and cooperation between the two geoparks, promoting the sharing of regional resources, further enhancing the attraction of geo-tourism and serving the development of the Geopark community.



The delegation at Laojunshan Mountain

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