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Funiushan UGGp participates in 2019 China Global Geopark Science Popularization Exchange Conference

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 From 11 to 14 June, the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and the National Geopark Network Center held 2019 Danxiashan -China Global Geopark Science Popularization Exchange Conference in Danxiashan UGGp,who has played a leading role in science popularization of China. More than 150 experts from Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, Sun Yat-sen University and other universities and UGGp representatives gathered here. Funiushan UGGp attended the conference.






The exchange conference also set up outdoor tour of on-site investigation and experience courses of popular science. The participants, led by scientific consultants and popular science guides, will conduct in-depth investigation of the Danxiashan’s construction on venues and routes of scientific research and popularization, and the industrial exploration of science popularization. They will experience the scientific research courses of Danxiashan’s geology and landforms, ecology, humanities, astronomy, traditional handicrafts and farming, and have zero-distance dialogues with the science popularization practitioners of the Danxiashan UGGp to understand the public science education and sustainable development measures in the Danxiashan community.





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