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The Chinese Dinosaur Egg Academic Forumwas held in the Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park of Funiushan Global Geopark.

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On July 21, the Chinese Dinosaur Egg Academic Forum (Flying Chinese Dragon•Hundreds of Dinosaur-egg Treasures Exhibition) hosted by Funiushan Global Geopark was held in the Xixia Dinosaur Relics Park of Funiushan Global Geopark. Zhai Mingguo, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other well-known paleontological fossil experts and dinosaur-related professional groups, geoparks, museums and other units participated in the forum. This event arranged the Chinese Dinosaur Egg academic Forum and Dinosaur Egg Treasure Exhibition.


Experts at the meeting believed that the Dinosaur Egg fossils Museum in the Dinosaur Relics Park of Funiushan Global Geopark, as the Xixia Branch of the Chinese Geological Museum, recorded a stage in the evolution of life on earth, which provided a scientific basis for studying the systematic evolution of dinosaurs, and also built an important platform for domestic communication about dinosaurs. It is of great significance to further promote the integrated development of academic exchanges, cultural publicity, tourism promotion, study travel and so on.


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