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Nanyang Funiushan Global Geopark “4.22 World Earth Day Publicity Week” science popularization live broadcast ended successfully

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From April 24th to 25th in 2021, Nanyang Funiushan Geopark Administration Bureau organized the "4.22 World Earth Day Publicity Week" online popular science live broadcast.


The live broadcast invited Cao Xiqiang, the senior engineer and director of the Institute of Natural Resources Investigation and Evaluation of Academy of Natural Resources Sciences in Henan, local science lecturers, and narrators to share relevant Knowledge of popular science in 4 major scenic spots of Funiushan Global Geopark for netizens and science lovers from all over the world.


The 4 live broadcasts lasted about 6 hours, with a total of about 2 million views on both Douyin and Yizhibo platforms, which reached over 19 million heat.




During the two-day live broadcast, popular science lecturers and narrators led the Geoparker live broadcast team to the 4 major scenic spots of Dinosaur Ruins Park, Laojie Ridge, Neixiang County Office, and Baotianman.


Fielded scientific investigation and science popularization, using the camera to record and tells the story of Funiushan in Nanyang through online interaction and science popularization, and lead us online "Wandering," and share the unique charm of Funiushan Global Geopark.



On the morning of April 24th, the science popularization live broadcast was conducted by Geoparker teams at the Dinosaur Relics Park accompanied by representatives of teachers and students from 4 local schools.


The narrator Li Qianqian introduced the precious fossils in the museum and the secrets behind them. The students listened with great gusto and deepened their understanding of dinosaurs through the interactive experience facilities to learn by entertaining and thinking by learning. The precious exhibits that the narratives quoted received a lot of praise from the netizens in the live broadcast room.



According to the live broadcast, it is easily accessible for all audiences to enjoy the pure and dreamy fog filling the sky of Laojieling. The teacher Cao Xiqiang and the Geoparker team set foot on the top of the mountain and gave the science popularization on the cloud sea landscape and peculiar landforms in LaojieLing. Especially, the origin of the name Funiushan and the characteristic of Laojie Ridge, Jijiaojian Mountain, are introduced in detail as well.


Faced with such a visual feast, the netizens online have expressed their desire to come here to experience the beauty personally.



In the next live broadcast, the Geoparker team went to Baotianman National Nature Reserve and Neixiang County Government, known as "the best government in the world."


In this well-preserved county-level government office belonging to the feudal era, the geoparker team explored the historical stories hidden under the window lattice and wall-column through exquisite ancient buildings historical melodies.


Furthermore, netizens shared their appreciation of this well-preserved virgin forest through the lens in Baotianman. Finally, this science popularization live broadcast has drawn a perfect end in sight of the great rivers and mountains in our motherland online.

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