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Administration Bureau of Funiushan Geopark held video conference to summarize the first online popular science lecture on Nanyang Nature Protected Area

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In the morning of January 4, 2023, Administration Bureau of Funiushan Geopark and Wuhan Geoscience Travel Information Technology Co., Ltd. held a video conference to summarize the first online science lecture on Nanyang nature protected area: Dinosaur “pulsing” land – Nanyang. This lecture attracted more than 4000 viewers to watch online on Douyin live broadcast and got 83 thousands likes. It triggered heated discussion and unanimous praise from the audience, and achieved good science popularization effect.



At the conference, the two sides talked about the lecture and reached a consensus on the short duration of live broadcast, the single form of live broadcast, too few links and other opinions collected by the audience. For the follow-up live broadcast series of online science popularization lectures, diversified and multi-angle live broadcast forms will be adopted, such as green screen images and science popularization materials, dinosaur model error correction, volunteer lecturer interview, outdoor live display of Chinese dinosaurs, etc., so that the audience can be immersive, experience the dinosaur world at close range, and truly appreciate the unique charm of dinosaur eggs fossil in Nanyang. At the same time, the follow-up live broadcast will be preheated in multiple channels, and adopt multiple mainstream video media platforms for joint live broadcast, and record and clip the highlights of live broadcast on the spot. After the live broadcast, we will form a series of popular science courses on nature protected areas that can be reviewed and learned, so that the audience can have a better understanding of the Nanyang Dinosaur-egg Fossil Group National Nature Reserve and Funiushan Global Geopark before, during and after the live broadcast.



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