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Administration Bureau of Funiushan Geopark organized blood donation activity

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On the morning of September 19, Administration Bureau of Funiushan Geopark organized staff member to conduct blood donation activity. Under the leadership of Wang Yazhe, deputy director of the geopark bureau, we went to blood donation house on Zhongzhou Road for blood donation without compensation.



Blood donation is selfless dedication, saving the dying and healing the wounded, and it is the embodiment of the spirit of love and dedication. At the blood collection site, staff members who participated in the activity filled in the “registration form of compulsory blood donation” under the guidance of the medical workers, and  cooperated with them in processes such as physical examination, blood type testing and blood extraction. Seeing the blood flowing into the blood storage bag along the catheter, everyone was happy that they could dedicate their love. Members have expressed that through the blood donation activities, people’s mutual care and love can be passed on, and they will continue to participate in such meaningful activities in the future.



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