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Volunteers from the administration bureau of Funiushan Geopark carried out science popularization activities into campus

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On July 20, at the invitation of Nanyang Sports Experimental Kindergarten, volunteers from the administration bureau of Funiushan Geopark came into the campus to carry out science popularization and gave two popular science lectures.


During the activity, Wang Yazhe, deputy director of Funiushan Geopark Administration Bureau, shared with kindergarten teachers and children relevant knowledge of Nanyang, our hometown, the evolution of dinosaurs, the formation of fossils, and the protection of geological relics. Through lively explanation and interesting interaction, children learned the huge creatures from billions of years ago such as Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus and so on, and felt the breath of ancient life. These mysterious and huge animals not only satisfied the children’s desire for power, but also stimulated the children’s fun of exploration. Through the popular science lectures, the children learned about the species, shape characteristics, living habits, evolution of dinosaurs and the formation of fossils, preliminarily understood the interdependence between human and nature, enhanced their understanding of the geology, culture and other aspects of their hometown, and planted a seed of love for their hometown in their hearts. The geopark bureau also presented the badge of Funiushan Global Geopark and 10 sets of popular science books to the Kindergarten.








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