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Nanyang Funiushan geopark participating in “Xingfeng Hotline” program

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On June 2, Fang Cheng, a member of the Party leading group of Nanyang Forestry Bureau and director of Geopark Bureau, led the team participate in “Xingfeng Hotline” program. The program focused on the protection and management of Funiushan Global Geopark and Nanyang Dinosaur Egg Fossil Group National Nature Reserve, and introduced the relevant contents of “Forest Law” to the audience one by one. The program provides answers to the audience’s key concerns on the spot, such as what are the scenic spots in the geopark? whether there are preferential policies on the Dragon Boat Festival, whether individuals can collect paleontological fossils, whether individuals can apply for subsidies for public welfare forests for afforestation in barren hills, whether it is illegal to plant landscape trees on cultivated land, and whether it is necessary to go through formalities to sell poplars in front of and behind their houses.



Through this “Wind Hotline” program, the geopark director popularized the Forest Law and relevant laws and regulations about Funiushan Global Geopark and Dinosaur Egg Fossil National Nature Reserve to the audience, made them feel the profound cultural heritage and magnificent natural landscape of Nanyang, so as to improve their understandings of Nanyang forestry work, Funiushan Global Geopark and Dinosaur Egg Fossil National Nature Reserve, and advocate people to start from themselves, protect the global environment consciously and jointly build beautiful homeland.


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