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The Administration Bureau of Funiushan Geopark held a meeting to review the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech during his inspection of Nanyang

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On May 12, on the occasion of the first anniversary of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection of Nanyang, the Administration Bureau of Funiushan Geopark held a meeting. At the meeting, we once again learned the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping when he inspected Nanyang last year. Fang Cheng, director of the Park Bureau, conveyed the “Notice of the Committee of the Units Directly under the Nanyang Forestry Bureau on Printing and Distributing the “Work Plan on Carrying out the ‘Three Actions and Three Contests’ Activities in the Municipal Forestry System”, and criticized the “ten manifestations” of the outstanding problems in the “Year of Style Construction Improvement”. The geopark members discussed and analyzed themselves in combination with their own work. Finally, the director gave a concluding speech.


Fang Cheng pointed out that we should learn from the general secretary’s great love spirit of “I will be selfless and live up to the people” and the rural revitalization thinking of “driving development with small industries”. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s inspection has brought a rare development opportunity fo Nanyang. Nanyang has a superior geographical location, profound cultural heritage, and outstanding people. As Nanyang people, we must love our hometown, do our best to build a beautiful Nanyang, and work hard to build a sub-central city in Henan.

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