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Science Popularization and Publicity Activities for 2022 World Earth Day in Funiushan UGGp

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April 22nd, 2022 is the 53rd World Earth Day, which is characterized by worldwide environmental protection activities, aiming to call on human beings to build up the awareness of caring for the earth and protecting our homeland, promote the coordination of resource development and environmental protection, and thus improve the overall environment of the earth.

In order to advocate the general public to pay attention to climate change, care for the earth, and understand the development concept of “Lucid waters and lush mountains as valuable as mountains of gold and silver”, Nanyang Funiushan UGGp Management Committee has launched a series of science popularization and education activities with the theme of “Love for the Earth, Harmonious Coexistence between Nature and Mankind” in the kindergartens and communities of Neixiang, Xixia, Luanchuan and Songxian from April 18th, including the broadcast of science popularization films in schools and communities, publicity vehicles, banners across the streets, information desk for answering questions on site and other means to call on the general public to cherish the earth and live in harmony with nature.


Science Popularization into Nanyang No. 1 Experimental Kindergarten


Science Popularization into Kindergarten in Neixiang


Science Popularization into Kindergarten in Luanchuan

During “Science Popularization into School Activities”, Funiushan UGGp Management Committee shared with the teachers and children of kindergartens about the origin of World Earth Day, our hometown, the evolution of dinosaurs, the formation of fossils, the protection of geological relics and other related knowledge. Through vivid explanations and interesting interactions, children were helped to understand the types, physical characteristics and living habits of dinosaurs as well as the evolution of dinosaurs and the formation of fossils, which stimulated their interests in exploring nature and learning more about the earth, and gave them a preliminary understanding of the interdependence between mankind and nature. These activities enable children to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the geology, ecology and culture of their hometown, and arouses their sense of pride in their hometown.


Science Popularization into Communities in Nanyang


Science Popularization into Communities in Neixiang


Science Popularization into Communities in Xixia

On April 21st, the teachers of Nanyang No. 1 Experimental Kindergarten, as Park Science Popularization volunteers, carried out rich and colorful theme activities of dinosaur world in each class. Through interesting interaction, children shared with each other what they saw, knew and felt, nurturing their love for nature and protection of the ecological environment in the hearts.

During “Science Popularization into Communities Activities”, Funiushan UGGp Management Committee popularized knowledge about the evolution of the earth, the formation of geology, and the importance of protecting the environment for the community residents. The public and the whole society were transmitted the concept of General Secretary, Xi Jinping that “Green water and lush mountains are reservoirs, grain depots, money depots and carbon depots” and advocated to establish an ecological civilization concept of “respecting nature, conforming to nature, and protecting nature” in order to actively practice a green and low-carbon lifestyle.


Science Popularization into Communities in Luanchuan


Science Popularization into Communities in Songxian


Science Popularization into Communities in Songxian

On April 22nd, Funiushan UGGp Management Committee took to the streets and communities together with management offices of four parks, namely Neixiang, Xixia, Luanchuan and Songxian. They carried out science popularization activities in various ways, such as publicity materials, TV programs, propaganda vehicles, display boards, propaganda banners, and on-site Q&A at the information desk. According to statistics of that day, more than 3,000 color pages were distributed, over 20 various exhibition boards displayed, over 30 banners hung, and over 500 consultations received. Taking the “April 22nd World Earth Day” as an opportunity, Funiushan UGGp made use of a series of activities to contribute to the ecological environment, ecotourism, global environmental and climate governance, and joint building of a community of shared future for mankind. (Wang Yazhe)

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