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Funiushan UGGp Science Popularization activity:"The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth"

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From April 22 to May 31, 2021, sponsored by Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences and National Geopark Network Center and other 8 units, the Second APGN Geoparks Week on 2021 Earth Day and the 5th Popular Science Campaign on the theme of The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth were organized. Nanyang Funiushan UGGp Administration called on photographers to actively participate in the activity.





The Second APGN Geoparks Week on 2021 Earth Day and the 5th Popular Science Campaign on the theme of “The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth”


I. Introduction

"The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth" is a popular science activity of the Earth Day on April 22. Since its inception, it has received extensive support and attention. With the help of various nature reserves and related units, the organizers have continuously innovated the activities, and strived to strengthen the connection between human being and nature, strengthen the publicity linkage and popular science interaction among geoparks, and display the protection and development achievements of the UGG. The National Geopark Network Center, geological society of china Tourism Geoscience and Geopark Research Branch, together with Geoparker Geoscience Popularization Center, continued to organize the fifth popular science activity with the theme of "The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth" and included it in Second APGN Week. This activity continues the online tour exhibition of previous photography and video works, divided into two categories: picture group and video group, to show the beautiful Chinese picture scroll nurtured by Mother Earth to the public, to guide the public to establish the concept of "Harmonious coexistence between human being and nature", and to call on and encourage more people to join in the action of protecting the earth.

II. Relevant units

(1) Organizer

Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, National Geopark Network Center, China Geological Museum, Office of Science Popularization of Natural Resources, Publicity and Education Center of Ministry of Natural Resources, China Green Times, China Geological Society  Tourism Geoscience and Geopark Research Branch, Geoparker Geoscience Science Popularization Center

(2) Co-organizer

China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Geoscience Popularization Center, Henan Academy of Land and Resources Science, Guangdong Danxiashan Global Geopark, Zhejiang Yandangshan Global Geopark, Hubei Shennongjia Gloal Geopark, Anhui Jiuhuashan Global Geopark, Fujian Longyan Geopark, Wangwushan-Daimeishan Global Geopark, Beijing Yicai Space Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., etc.

(3) Supporting unit

China Tourism Association Geoscience Tourism Branch, China University of Geosciences Alumni Association, Hubei Young Science and Technology Workers Association, Henan Natural Environment Protection and Geoscience Tourism Development Promotion Association, Earth magazine, etc.

III. Activity content

(1) Theme

"The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth" —— Cherishing the earth, Harmonious coexistence between nature and human being

(2) Activity procedure

April 22-May 5 (online tour of photographic works: collection of works+primary selection of works): popular science photographic works are widely collected from the public and nature reserves, and the primary selection of submitted works is conducted by the organizer (the activity entrance will be released in WeChat official account, National Geopark Network Center);

April 22-April 28 (off-line thematic mutual exhibition): "Sister Park 4.22 Earth Day thematic popular science exhibition";

April 29-May 13

(Public Voting): Open to the public to vote on the shortlisted works of the primary election, and select the top 50 photo groups and the top 20 video groups;

May 17-May 21 (expert review): Organize experts to score the shortlisted works, and finally select the winners and participating units according to the selection rules;

May 31 (award announcement): Count the winners according to the selection rules, and announce the winners list in the official channel of the event (National Geopark Network Center WeChat official account).

(3) Submission instructions

1. Please send all manuscripts (pictures/videos) to the mailbox 540504809@qq.com by email, and note "photographer's name+nature reserve name+contact number+submitted works name" in the email;

Contact: Zhang Qinggen 1503821865 Zhang Meng 13871451166

2. All works must be taken in the nature reserve (copyright watermarks cannot be added when uploading works, and no commercial advertisements can be inserted). The author can carry out post-processing such as simple adjustment and moderate cutting on the photographic works, but he must not use computer technology to synthesize, add or delete the original elements.

3. Photos are mainly in JPG\PNG format, and metadata (EXIF parameter) should be kept, and photos in RAW format file should be kept;

4. The video format can be MP4, the definition is recommended to be 1080P or above (except for special subjects), the duration is not less than 30 seconds, and multiple formats of horizontal and vertical screens are supported;

5. There is no limit to the number of submitted works. The organizer will conduct a primary selection of the submitted works, with no more than 5 photos and no more than 1 video finally presented to the voting page.

(4) Participation description

1. The theme of the work is clear, reflecting the characteristics of nature conservation, emphasizing appreciation, popularization of science and artistry, and the content is healthy and progressive; Shooting equipment can be professional cameras, ordinary cameras, mobile phones, aerial cameras, monitoring pictures in nature reserves, infrared pictures, thermal imaging pictures, etc., in any form or style;

2. Photographic and photographic works should keep the electronic original drawings and original video version files of the works for verification and calling;

3. Previous award-winning works shall not be re-entered;

4. The legal responsibilities such as reputation right, portrait right and copyright involved in the submitted works shall be borne by the photographer himself;

5. Contributors should guarantee that all submitted works are original, that they do not infringe others' copyright, portrait rights and reputation rights, and that they do not involve any confidential information. In case of infringement liability and ownership disputes, the contributors will be disqualified and their corresponding legal responsibilities will be investigated.

6. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the event organizer.

IV. Award setting

(1) Setting of protected land awards



 V. Explanation of the event announcement and award:

1. The winning list decided comprehensively by the public vote and expert evaluation score .

2. In the same group, repeated awards won by contestants or protected areas do not accumulate, and the highest award shall prevail.

This activity will focus on the news media reports, focus on the topic of Weibo as the hot spot, take the exposure of new media matrix as the node, take the coverage of video network as the explosion point, and carry out the network-wide linkage publicity and promotion through four channels of "group attack", so as to realize the fission of influence, let users learn and share the knowledge of nature reserves while enjoying the fun, quickly expand the coverage of popular science education groups in nature reserves, realize "universal attention, universal participation and universal carnival", and lead more people to participate in the activity.

1. News media reports

It is expected to cooperate with more than 200 news media at the national level and in the industry. It is planned to invite major media in the industry such as Geopark Network Center, Green Times and Natural Resources News, national key websites such as Yangguang.com, People.com, Guangming.com, Tencent News, Netease News, Sohu News and other important domestic news portals to report on the activity, focus on the "4.22 The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth" activity with professional vision, continuously expand the impact range of the 4.22 activity and enhance the news publicity.

2. Focus on topics in Weibo Through in-depth cooperation and promotion with Weibo, the topic of "4.22 The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth" has been continuously promoted, covering the target population and the same kind of people to a great extent, triggering related content discussions in Weibo, and the topic target of Weibo has exceeded 150 million person-times.

3. Exposure of new media matrix

New media is used as the communication matrix, and self-media platforms such as WeChat official account, Headline, Baijiahao, Sohu, Netease, Renmin, Xinhua, etc. are used to carry out publicity linkage, which integrates interpersonal communication, interactive operating system communication, information search communication and collective participation communication, so that more people can know about nature reserves, understand them, establish three-dimensional cognition of protected areas, and radiate popular science audiences of all ages through different forms of content creation, and realize the comprehensive coverage of the "4.22 The Most Beautiful Mark of the Earth" activity information in all fields of people.

4. Video network coverage

Activities-related video content will be updated synchronously on medium and long-term video platforms such as Tencent Video, iQiyi Video, Youku Video, bilibili Video, Watermelon Video, etc., and the video content will be optimized and made into short videos to be pushed on platforms such as Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker, Microvision, Video No. and People's No.,etc., so as to infiltrate the video content into the whole network and promote the announcement of related videos on the whole network.

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