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Protecting Geological Relics and Cherishing the Earth Xixia County Dinosaur Egg Fossil Group National Nature Reserve Administration organizes publicity activities for The World Earth Day in 2021

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April 22nd is the 52nd World Earth Day. Centering on the topic of “Cherishing the Earth and Ensuring Harmony between Human and Nature”, on the morning of April 22nd, Xixia County Dinosaur Egg Fossil Group National Nature Reserve Administration organized a series of publicity activities on the theme of “Protecting Geological Relics and Cherishing the Earth” to advocate the public to cherish natural resources and protect the beautiful earth.





Various World Earth Day publicity activities were carried out through banners, exhibition boards, folders distribution, lectures and explanation and publicity vehicles. These activities aimed at strengthening the public's consciousness of “protecting geological relics and cherishing our home on the earth” and promoting the harmonious coexistence of economy, society and nature reserves, which were welcomed and favorably received by the general public.


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