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Nanyang Funiushan UGGp Administration successfully conducts Training Course on Ecological Construction and Planning of Nature Reserves

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From September 23rd to 25th, 2021, Nanyang Funiushan UNESCO Global Geopark Administration successfully conducted the Training Course on the Ecological Construction and Planning of Nature Reserves in Xixia County, a nature reserve in Nanyang. This training aimed to implement Xi Jinping’s thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and strengthen the construction and management of nature reserves, and enhance the ability of the management staff.



The training was attended by more than 40 people, including the directors of the national nature reserve of dinosaur egg fossil groups in Xixia County, the directors of the national nature reserve of forestry bureau in Zhenping, Neixiang and Xichuan counties, the rangers of every county involved. The training course invited four experts, including Professor Gao Jianhua, PhD supervisor and distinguished professor of Henan University, Wang Chunping, senior engineer of Henan Forestry Research and Planning Institute, Xu Li, professor-level senior engineer and director of Henan Natural History Museum, and director Cao Xiqiang, senior engineer of Land and Resources Research Institute of Henan Province.



The training was a combination of theme lectures and field trips to reserves. The experts lectured on the systematic cognition, construction and management, planning and construction of nature reserves, research and protection of paleontological fossils in Henan Province. The comrades benefited a lot from this training. They improved their understanding, obtained and cleared work directions. The leaders of the counties and bureaus have expressed that they will actively seek strong support of the county government in the next step to speed up the construction of institutions, declare projects in a timely manner to seek funds, strengthen the construction and management of nature reserves, and do a good job in scientific research and publicity.


At the same time, they also hoped that more training courses are held to promote mutual learning and exchange and a comprehensive and in-depth grasp of policies and regulations, to achieve an overall improvement of management ability. Combination of knowledge with the practical work can lead the orderly and efficient development of nature reserve management and construction and provide strong technical support for high-quality development of forestry. (Wang Yazhe)


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